Don't be a bitch. All wounds are just flesh wounds. 


The world of adventure is for heroes and fools. Taverns are where those fools come to blow money on extravagant meals and company for the night. While adventurers are gallivanting and idiots are dying on the plains, the taverns need protection and are willing to pay for it. The smart people doing that are called Bouncers.

Bouncer crews get paid protection and get to make requests of their taverns. They're also privy to information others don't get as well as prestige and renown.

Here, unless otherwise specified, all damage is 'non-lethal' or 'subdual' damage. Dealing Lethal damage, intending to kill the opponent, is an evil act. Infamy, in some cases, is more important than fame.

Who needs to go into a dragon's lair when you can crack a few skulls, tell a few stories, and get rich doing it?

Plus, free breakfast.

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Go Forth and Conquer

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